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Our trainers at Resilience Impact are dedicated to empowering educators with the resources and tools necessary to foster resilience among students, staff, and families within the school environment. Through a trauma-informed schools model, we provide comprehensive training that equips educators with the knowledge and skills to create supportive and nurturing learning environments. By focusing on building resilience, we aim to help schools effectively address and mitigate the impacts of trauma, enabling all members of the school community to thrive and succeed.


Denise Moody

As an educator, therapist and school administrator, Denise has  discovered that the work that gives her purpose is to support passionate educators in transforming schools to support the needs of all students and families, without burning themselves out in the process.

Denise brings her unique perspective as an experienced therapist and school administrator to your event to shed light on how our actions as adults can create connections, heal and be the everyday magic that will transform students’ lives.


Sarah Clarke

Sarah Clarke is a dynamic and engaging speaker who infuses energy and humor into all of her work. She uses her overlapping experiences in education and mental health to bring new perspectives to the challenges that educators face. As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who has been working in education for nearly a decade, Sarah’s unique experience and style is guaranteed to leave session participants motivated and excited to try new approaches to their own wellness and their interactions with students. Sarah has served children, adults and families who have experienced trauma for 18 years. In that time, she has developed a passion for caring for the caregivers. She strongly believes that in order to have healthy kids, the adults who provide care need to be healthy too.

Speaking Topics


The Impact of Trauma and the Resiliency of Students

with Denise Moody

Understanding how trauma, at individual and systemic levels, impacts the neurodevelopment during childhood and adolescence is important for all educators. Schools and educators can be a place of healing and acceptance for students, but only if we are intentional about creating a culture that meets the needs of students, staff and families. This session can be an introductory session to understanding the impact of trauma and also provides some actionable strategies that educators can adopt.


Building Your Trauma-Informed Toolkit

with Sarah Clarke

This session provides practical ways to build tangible skills that allow you to connect with students using trauma-informed practices. Sarah draws from research done by Dr. Bruce Perry to provide shifts in practice you can begin to implement tomorrow.


Educator Self Care: “Emotionally Healthy Educators"

with Denise Moody

Educators are bombarded with messages that they should be able to "do it all"  even at the cost of their own relationships and well-being. This session will explore this myth and several others as educators grapple with their own plan of how to build a rhythm in their life that supports their own emotional, physical and spiritual well-being, while continuing to support students throughout their career.


Educator/Staff Resilience

with Sarah Clarke

Sarah is able to craft a training about resilience building that can impact your staff in whatever phase they might be experiencing. Sarah can address themes of burnout, overwhelm, and secondary traumatic stress, using evidence based practices. She draws on her experience providing individual clinical counseling to positively impact teams’ overall wellbeing.

Tiered Supports (1)

Suicide Assessment in Schools Using the CSSRS

with Denise Moody

In the realm of education, it is essential for educators to be well-versed in the assessment of suicidality, a critical concern affecting students' lives. This workshop is tailored to provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively identify and address suicidality in a school environment. Join us for this intensive session, where we will explore in-depth strategies for assessing and responding to suicide risk. Our workshop will specifically focus on the application of the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale Screener version, a vital tool for evaluating suicidality in students. By the end of this workshop, you will leave with a comprehensive understanding of how to utilize this scale to identify warning signs, assess suicide risk, and connect students with appropriate resources. This training equips you to play a pivotal role in creating a safe and supportive atmosphere for your students, ensuring their mental well-being is a top priority.


Collective Trauma and Toxic Stress

with Sarah Clarke

Sarah presents information on how collective trauma can impact individuals and groups of people. Collective trauma can lead to toxic stress in individuals that impact long-term functioning. She covers some tangible practices for community-led healing, as well as personal healing.

Tiered Supports

Creating Spaces that Promote Healing: Trauma-Informed Approaches in a MTSS Framework

with Denise Moody

Discover how trauma-informed care intersects with Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) in this session. Learn practical strategies for integrating trauma-informed approaches into various settings, promoting healing, resilience, and positive outcomes. Gain insights into implementing universal, targeted, and intensive supports, fostering collaborative partnerships, and overcoming implementation challenges. Ideal for educators, mental health professionals, and community leaders.

Denise's Previous Speaking Engagements


“I really enjoyed hearing from Denise Moody (so much so that I attended both of her sessions when I was not intending to stay for the second)!”

“I really enjoyed Denise Moody’s session about personal reflection and at which capacity adults reflect. I found this very informative and an affirmative of how we as adults need to be in control of ourselves before we can restore relationships with kids. Or look at our role when responding to different situations with students.”

"In the many times I’ve heard Sarah speak, I’m always picking up new pieces of her presentation that make me a better educator, colleague, wife, friend, and mom. The way she presents the information is so user friendly, easy to understand, and applicable to anyone. She is relatable, vulnerable, and professional in her delivery and keeps it very engaging for the audience. I look forward to hearing her any opportunity I get." 

"I first met Sarah when she joined Rochester Public Schools working with our most intensive elementary population. She was compassionate in her approach when working with students, families and coworkers while maintaining professional boundaries and challenging the status quo. Sarah sought out professional growth and pioneered new programming options for our highest needs buildings. Now, she is able to share her knowledge in an accessible and engaging manner as professional development. Her honesty and lived experience make her a competent presenter while her humor and grace leave her audience with hope and a shared purpose."

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