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Speaking Topics


The Impact of Trauma and the Resiliency of Students

Understanding how trauma, at individual and systemic levels, impacts the neurodevelopment during childhood and adolescence is important for all educators. Schools and educators can be a place of healing and acceptance for students, but only if we are intentional about creating a culture that meets the needs of students, staff and families. This session can be an introductory session to understanding the impact of trauma and also provides some actionable strategies that educators can adopt.

Educator Self Care: “Emotionally Healthy Educators"

Educators are bombarded with messages that they should be able to "do it all"  even at the cost of their own relationships and well-being. This session will explore this myth and several others as educators grapple with their own plan of how to build a rhythm in their life that supports their own emotional, physical and spiritual well-being, while continuing to support students throughout their career.


Reflective Practice: “Reflective Questioning as a Strategy to Building Trauma-Informed Learning Environments”

The best training, initiatives and interventions will not create school environments that are trauma-informed unless the adults are able and willing to change practices, systems and the culture of a school. A change in mindset and a willingness to reflect and be curious about how our own actions impact students is imperative in creating a school that is trauma-informed. This session explores practical ways to engage staff, challenge patterns and encourage reflection at a school or district level.

Social-Emotional Learning: “Building a Movement: Harnessing the Power of First Followers in Creating a School Culture that Embraces Social-Emotional Learning”

Without intentional planning about the introduction and development of a model that supports social-emotional learning, it becomes in danger of becoming "one more thing" that educators are so weary of. SEL is not about a specific curriculum, program or practice, but instead a way of being with and learning with students that enhances the experience of everyone in the school. This session will explore practical strategies to build a movement around SEL so that it will be embraced by the entire school community.


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“I really enjoyed hearing from Denise Moody (so much so that I attended both of her sessions when I was not intending to stay for the second)!”

“I really enjoyed Denise Moody’s session about personal reflection and at which capacity adults reflect. I found this very informative and an affirmative of how we as adults need to be in control of ourselves before we can restore relationships with kids. Or look at our role when responding to different situations with students.”


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