SSMH Session Recordings

Supporting Student Mental Health Conference Session Recordings, Slides & Resources

"I'm a Teacher Not a Therapist! The Powerful Role of Educators in Serving Students with Mental Health Needs & Trauma Impacts", Rick & Doris Bowman

Revolutionary Resilience & Self Regulation for Staff & Students

Supporting Educator Social Emotional Learning & Resiliency to Promote Educator Well-being and Prevent Burnout", Jill Krautkremer and Kelly Wilson

"Improving Mental Health as a School Community: Supporting Our Village", Lauren Ashbaugh & Megan Cassidy

"Youth in Crisis; What the Data is Telling Us", Jeff Stern & Sam Gillis

"Truly Trauma-Informed: Assessing & Designing Actionable Systems & Practices in Schools", Doris & Rick Bowman

"Cross Cultural Reflective Practice", Julia Bantimba

"Creative Ways of Supporting Therapeutic Endings", Karen Triesman

"Building Student Resiliency through a Peer Support Program", Amanda Burget

"Working in Special Education to Create Healing Centered Environments", Julia Bantimba

"Prioritizing the Resilience and Well-Being of the Adults to Get to Outcomes for Students", Clay Cook

"Shifting the Perspective: Restoring to Teach Skills", Karlin Tichenor

"Culturally Responsive Engagement: Connect to Develop", Karlin Tichenor

"Sustainable Integrated MTSS Implementation", Megan Gruis

"Student Focused: Re-thinking Regulation- Relationship Centered Regulation", Julia Bantimba

"Cultivating Awareness and Attunement within Community Circles: A Model for Beating Burnout and Supporting the Whole Educator (and Whole Child), Katie Raher"